Job Evaluation and Grading Project for Staff

2015 UNT Staff Luncheon


As a university and large organization, UNT is continually looking for ways to maintain a supportive environment for staff and faculty members that ensures there is a strong career development and reward system to retain its talented employees.

To that end, UNT launched a new project in 2015 — the Job Evaluation and Grading Project — to evolve its compensation and career progression strategies for staff members.

Progressive universities periodically review job titles and descriptions to ensure the use of fair and consistent procedures to determine job duties, salaries and pay increases. UNT, like other forward-thinking organizations, wants to attract and retain talented employees and provide a good structure for their professional development and career growth. The university needs personnel practices and policies that make it a great place to work and more competitive in the North Texas region and beyond.

The Job Evaluation and Grading Project will:

  • Address the compression of official job titles created in the last project by increasing the number of job titles, and creating job titles and descriptions more reflective of the work each job requires.
  • Establish new salary grades and competitive salary ranges for each staff position.
  • Identify where compensation needs to improve.

It’s important to note:

  • No staff members will lose their jobs or have their incomes lowered as a result of the project.
  • The university is not implementing a hiring freeze. Existing vacant staff positions may be filled using the current recruitment process.
  • UNT plans a modest pool of funds for merit raises for the FY16 fiscal year based on the results of the most recent performance evaluations.

Learn more about the project and find answers to your questions:

If you have questions, contact UNT System Human Resources at 940-565-2281 or