Ruby Raines Administrative Professionals Award

The Ruby Raines Administrative Professionals Award recognizes the administrative staff members who demonstrate hard work and commitment to ensure excellence in support of the University‚Äôs mission and success within their own respective programs. Up to one recipient may receive an engraved award and eight-hours of paid administrative leave, which is presented during the Staff Appreciation Luncheon during Staff Appreciation Month. The paid leave awarded must be used by the recipient within twelve (12) months of receiving the award hours and are not eligible for payment upon separation with the University.

Read the nomination form in English or the nomination form in Spanish.


  • Nominee must be in a UNT retirement-eligible staff position for at least six consecutive months. Nominee must hold a position in an administrative professional job classification, including Executive Assistant, Senior Administrative/Administrative Coordinator, Senior Administrative/Administrative Specialist, and Office Support Assistant/Associate.
  • Nominee must not have received any formal disciplinary action or performance improvement plan within the twelve months prior to the nomination date.
  • Nominee may not have received the award within the previous three years.


  • Nominee goes above and beyond the call of duty in delivering an exceptional customer experience and serves internal and external customers with superior professionalism and care.
  • Nominee serves as an exemplary role model in the management of a wide range of administrative responsibilities in the workplace, having a positive impact beyond the immediate work group/department. 
  • Nominee demonstrates creativity or resourcefulness in proactively identifying and eliminating barriers in processes, communication, or other operational functions.
  • Nominee consistently seeks continuous improvement and collaborates effectively with others to implement process or service improvement initiatives to advance the mission of the university.
  • Nominee develops and maintains positive relationships with students, faculty and staff members across campus and contributes to a culture of optimism and positivity within the organization.