Talon Team

President Neal Smatresk organized a process improvement group, known as the Talon Team, to analyze and address process and implementation challenges for faculty and staff and help remove obstacles. The group leaders are:

  • Terri Day, Vice Provost for Academic Administration
  • Brandi Renton, Assistant Vice President for Organizational Behavior
  • Debbie Rohwer, Associate to the President

The group includes representatives, as needed, from different colleges, divisions and departments.

The Talon Team gathers input from the faculty and staff through the Process Improvement Form. If you experience organizational, functional or process problems at the university, division or department level that negatively affect the university or your work, you can fill out the form and describe the challenges you're facing. The Talon Team will respond with a plan to address the concerns, starting with the most urgent issues first.

Submit a Process Improvement Form

To submit an issue, please fill out each field with a brief description of the process challenge so the Talon Team has the basic information. If you have questions, you can contact Talon.Team@unt.edu.