At the Murchison Performing Arts Center, a place where harmony so frequently takes center stage, President Neal Smatresk accordingly shone a spotlight on the importance of collaboration to further solidify UNT’s impressive reputation during his 2019 State of the University address.

During the sixth annual event, the president outlined a five-year strategic plan — developed following listening tours with faculty and staff throughout all university divisions — that involves a three-pronged approach to enhancing UNT’s local, national and global footprint. That approach, he emphasized, requires an unwavering commitment across all colleges and departments to scholarly activity and innovation, people and processes, and student empowerment.

“In an age where universities have been asked to change more rapidly than ever, where there is a lot of pressure on public institutions to do better with less, we can’t get to where we need to go without building a culture of collaboration,” Smatresk said.

Transforming Lives

At the University of North Texas, we transform students’ lives and connect them to their dreams. Hear from our newest students about what they hope to accomplish while studying at UNT, and discover the many ways UNT has changed the lives of upperclassmen and recent alumni.

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UNT’s Originality and Perseverance on Display

For more than a century, UNT students have delivered an incredible display of originality and perseverance. They are dominating global coding challenges, working with NASA to improve technology, taking home top prizes in international engineering competitions, winning Grammys, launching global brands and initiating research projects that could change the world. Enjoy this recap of our 2018-19 accomplishments and discover the many ways we push boundaries every day, combine creativity and science, and flip perspectives for innovative ways to solve problems. At UNT, we create original experiences that deliver extraordinary results.

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R1 Our Way: Staying True to Our UNT Identity

UNT is proud to be a Tier One research university, a designation given to only 3 percent of the nation’s colleges and universities by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. We achieved R1 status in 25 years – a feat accomplished by only nine universities – by remaining true to our identity as the most creative university in Texas and by caring deeply about our mission to serve a diverse student population. It’s the diversity of our doctoral programs and strengths in non-STEM research expenditures that most contributed to our becoming an R1 university, and what will help us advance our research strategy to soar even higher.

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We Care

A caring spirit is woven throughout every interaction at the University of North Texas. Hear our faculty and staff share the many ways they care for each other, our 39,000 students and our university.

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UNT 2019 State of the University Welcome

Welcome to University of North Texas President Neal Smatresk’s 2019 State of the University. At UNT, faculty and students push creative boundaries by tapping into their imaginations to make an impact on the world.

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