Elizabeth With

Senior Vice President for Student Affairs

Hurley Administration Bldg Room 207

Elizabeth With

Website: Division of Student Affairs
Sr. Executive Assistant: Christi Hestand
Division of Student Affairs Organizational Chart


Division Information

The Division of Student Affairs provides opportunities for students and the campus community to cultivate academic, personal, and professional success. We enhance the student experience through a wide array of intentional programs, services and activities that support the life cycle of students. The division:

  • Provides and strengthens learning, developmental, leadership and career preparation opportunities for students to encourage achievement and promote UNT traditions
  • Empowers students to learn and practice immediate and lifelong behaviors that promote social, intellectual and civic development as well as nurture positive physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health during and after their university experience
  • Resolves issues of significant complexity for students through advocacy, services and compliance
  • Maintains facilities, provides services and promotes programs that are responsive to the physical, social, psychological, academic and recreational needs of the campus community
  • Practices daily principles that educate and embrace sustainable development through reconciliation of environmental, socially responsible and economic resources
  • Addresses the need for a deeper understanding of diversity, social identity, and privilege among students and the campus community to create a more socially just and inclusive campus and world

Bio Information

Dr. With has served as Senior Vice President for Student Affairs since August 2010, initially serving as the division’s interim vice president beginning in January 2010. She leads the university’s efforts to provide opportunities for students and the campus community to cultivate academic, personal, and professional success and become fully engaged in campus life. Prior to becoming vice president, Dr. With was Associate Vice President for Student Development (the previous name of the division) from 2004-2010 and has previously served in several leadership positions within the division since 1998. Prior to joining UNT in 1996 as Assistant Dean of Students, Dr. With was a Discipline and Leadership Coordinator at the University of Texas at Arlington for three years.


  • Ed.D. in higher education administration, UNT
  • M.S. in educational psychology (student personnel and counseling), Texas Tech University
  • B.A. in English, Texas Tech University