Steve Miller Outstanding Employee Award

The Outstanding Employee Award is named in memory of Steve Miller, a former assistant vice president of human resources. The award recognizes staff members whose contributions have positively impacted their division or department and the university and is the highest honor a UNT staff member can receive. Up to four employees per year can be honored in this category. Recipients receive an engraved award and $2,000 taxable cash award.

Nomination forms will be made available for submission during the nomination period.


  • Nominee must be a staff member in a UNT retirement-eligible position for at least six consecutive months from the date of nomination.
  • Nominee must hold a position lower than the level of executive (president, provost, vice president, vice provost, or associate or assistant vice president).
  • Nominee may not have any formal disciplinary action within 12 months prior to the nomination date.
  • Nominee must have a performance rating not lower than 2.5 on his or her most recent performance evaluation.
  • Nominee may not have received this award within the previous five years.                  


  • Nominee carries out responsibilities professionally and collaboratively, providing excellent service to all those with whom he or she works and serves.
  • Nominee promotes the mission of the university and goals of his or her college, school, division or department.
  • Nominee takes initiative in his or her work, often going above and beyond what is required.
  • Nominee is dedicated and approaches work life with a positive attitude.