Digital Innovation Award

The Digital Innovation Award acknowledges staff members who fuel innovation and digital transformation at UNT. The individual(s) who receive this award is/are known for being willing to seize strategic opportunities, work across the aisle, and galvanize teams of key stakeholders who collectively exceed expectations on the most innovative of initiatives.

Up to two recipients may receive a one-time payment of $1,500 and a commemorative engraved gift, which is presented during the Staff Appreciation Luncheon during Staff Appreciation Month.


  • The staff member must be in a UNT retirement-eligible staff position for at least six consecutive months.
  • The staff member must hold a position lower than the level of Associate/Assistant Vice President.
  • The staff member may not have received any formal disciplinary action or performance improvement plan within the twelve months prior to the nomination date.
  • The staff member may not have received the award within the previous 5 years.


  • Nominee has contributed above and beyond their established role in their willingness to serve, support, and fuel digital innovation.
  • Nominee goes above and beyond by collaborating to eliminate barriers for students by effectively and efficiently addressing digital issues or divides.
  • Nominee seeks out and takes an active interest in participating in creative, innovative, and forward thinking problem-solving to advance the student's digital experience.
  • Nominee is able to galvanize teams of key stakeholders to work across the aisle to achieve digitally innovative goals and objectives.