The Teamwork Award recognizes cross-divisional staff work groups who collaborate outside their traditional reporting unit to meet institutional goals or needs. Teams may consist of up to 15 members, and up to three teams may receive eight-hours of paid administrative leave, which is presented during the Staff Appreciation Luncheon during Staff Appreciation Month. The paid leave awarded must be used by the recipient within twelve (12) months of receiving the award hours and is not eligible for payment upon separation with the University.


  • The staff members must be in a UNT retirement-eligible staff position for at least six consecutive months.
  • The staff members must hold a position lower than the level of Associate/Assistant Vice President.
  • The staff members may not have received any formal disciplinary action or performance improvement plan
    within the twelve months prior to the nomination date.
  • The staff members may not have received the award within the previous three years.


  • Nominee collaborates with colleagues outside of their immediate department to meet the needs of the UNT community.
  • Produces results that increase productivity and efficiency, boost morale, improve customer service, support retention, or other notable accomplishments in alignment with UNT's strategic goals.
  • Provides outstanding and ongoing excellence in service to faculty, staff, students, community, and/or other customers.